Michael Engard is a lunatic who thinks writing for strangers on the Internet is a good career move. You may have seen some websites he’s designed, some software he’s programmed, and some guest blogs he’s written.

Kaelri is his pseudonym. If you’ve seen a “Kaelri” on the Internet since 2001, it was probably him. The name has no meaning or pronunciation, but if it must, let’s say it comes from Celtic mythology, and is pronounced /’keɪl ri/, which rhymes with “whale-sea.”

Professionally, he is an independent writer, website designer and software developer, who seeks to contribute to the world of Internet publishing and communications technology. He believes in the potential of a free and open web to improve the lives and protect the rights of people throughout the world, and works to promote these ideas through both product design and public advocacy. He has developed a well-rounded set of proficiencies that allow him to work independently on tasks involving the conception and implementation of ideas. As a designer, he strives for simplicity, elegance, consistency, and compliance with standards—while also pushing standards forward when the opportunity arises.

Personally, he is a voracious geek, an aggressive intellectual, an encourageable depressive, and an incorrigible romantic. He is a white, male, middle-class American cisgendered heterosexual from a Christian family, so his unique perspective probably means a lot to you. He was alive in the eighties, but doesn’t remember them, but not for the reasons you’re thinking. He has lived in Rochester, where he calls home; Toronto, where he went to university; and Macha, which doesn’t exist yet but we’re working hard on it.

You should talk to him (if you want to). He likes answering questions and saying “yes” as much as possible. He speaks a little bit of German, Quenya, HTML, D’ni, Lua, Hopelandic, and Shannlynn.