Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) in The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Web Coding Multiverse

If you ever decide to take up web design and development, you may be intimidated by the number of languages you have to learn. My work generally involves the big three: HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Each one has its own unique concepts, patterns and quirks. I was trying to explain the relationships between them to Erin, and I came up with the following metaphor.

  • HTML and CSS are earth and water. They are the mundane, physical world, the only world that mortals can see with their own eyes—at least, most of them time, unless something has gone wrong. The laws of the physical world may seem simple, logical and self-contained, but a close inspection will reveal tantalizing inconsistencies.

  • PHP (and its cousins, ASP, Python, Ruby, etc.) are the world of the divine, the vast, glorious plane where magic happens. The forces at work in the mortal universe are shades, mere by-products, of the deep, mystical energies swarming around the faerie-world at all times.

  • JavaScript (with Ajax) is the portal between the mortal and divine worlds. As long as you walk straight through the portal, keep your head down and ignore the voices, you’ll be fine. Should you tarry within the interdimensional portal, you will soon lose all sense of space, time and logic, and you may not escape before your sanity has disintegrated like a sugar glass and your vibrant soul has been reduced to a cold, bland porridge, quivering in a way that suggests a lingering spark of vitality, but, in fact, is only the cruel taunt of rigor mortis.

Yes, work’s going fine. Why do you ask?

"Do not disturb - tiny grass is dreaming." (Source unknown.)


This is my annual “rebooting my personal blog from a clean slate, with every intention of finally realizing my dream of being a regularly-publishing commentator, only to wake up on Monday morning and remember that I’m too busy to follow through” post.

While my poor namesake languishes in neglect, my presence on Tumblr has been somewhat more tangible recently. I’ll make sure anything important or interesting is cross-posted here and there.

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